Common Electrical Mistakes Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

220Voltageappliance presents an infographic on ‘Common Electrical Mistakes Burning A Hole In Your Pocket’ which is created with the big idea of showing how easily electrical appliance users commit mistakes causing electrical appliance breakdowns. This will help them in avoiding these mistakes, saving money and making the most out of their appliances.
The infographic adumbrates:

·         Common Mistakes While Using Different Appliances
·         Effects Of These Mistakes On The Appliance
·         Cost of Repairs Of Appliance Breakdown Due To  These Mistakes


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Is your Electricity Bill Giving you Shocks?

In winters, low temperatures would not shock you but the increasing in electricity bill may give you a shock. Here, we are giving you top energy saving tips that you can use in your lifestyle to save your electricity.

220Voltage Appliance presents an Infographic on  “Is your electricity bill giving you shocks?” that aims to educate target audience on how they can cut on electricity bill with the help of few power saving measures on their use of 220 Volt electronic appliances. This Infographic will also help them to identify which appliances are power guzzlers and how to optimize their use.

We have covered below points in the Infographic. Have a look:-
1.       6 step Power-Diet
2.       Power Pyramid
3.       Tips to save energy at home



Galaxy Note 3 Launched by Samsung

This is surely great news for Samsung Galaxy Note series fans. Two years ago, a revolutionary series named Galaxy Note was launched by Samsung and Note 3 continues to live up to the legacy. Engadget YouTube channel posted a video which showcases preview of the phone. Let’s have a look:

You might want to read a full review then please visit:

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Wash Dishes in Just 16 Minutes with SMEG Professional Dishwasher

Good News for those who don’t love to stay in kitchen doing dish washing for long. Launched in 2012, SMEG Professional Dishwasher is world’s first machine to do a full wash in merely 16 minutes. It uses 12 liters of water.

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You can save loads of money and energy as the machine comes with  a four Star Energy and a five Star WELS and rating. Moreover, it has a dual core wash motor and is larger than 2000 watts. It can work of different speed levels and comes with an integrated water heater which gives an excellent performance.

This dishwasher is a milestone in the industry with it superb dish washing features and energy saving capacity.  We salute such innovations and always ready to say a word about them.

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EveryOne Owns Computer, Printer and Digital Camera in USA

A press release published by Marketforce has revealed some facts about electronic usage and top consumer electronic brands. Almost each person owns a computer, printer and digital camera and iPad is the most sought gadget which has topped the chart. Lets see the graph and name of electronics included in survey:

Image Source: MarketForce

It is visible from the image that iPad is immensely required. People participated in the survey said that they want to buy iPad because it is cool.

When it comes to gaming devices, Nintendo Wifi is what gamers are crazy about.

Image Source: Marketforce

The research shows that demand of consumer electronics is continuously rising in United States and Canada. This post has been brought to you by leading 110 to 240 volt transformer supplier in United Sates.

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How to Fix a Phone Dropped in Toilet: An IG

Taking a smartphone in toilet has been a habit these days. It makes them vulnerable to be dropped into the toilet or in water. One must keep in mind that when exposed to water, even manufacturers refuses to replace a smartphone. has published an infographic (IG) about how to save a samrtphone when it comes in contact with water.

The IG basically highlights the dilemma of people taking mobiles in toilet and explains the ways to remove water from it, do and don’ts and few waterproof smartphone suggestions. Lets have a look at this IG:

smartfone contact with water

Indeed the IG is funny but it is an important message to folks. One out of every ten people drop their phones in toilet., a leading 110 to 240 volt transformer supplier, recommends not to use them in washrooms.

The Energy Hungry House: An IG Revealing Energy Consumption in Homes

We have been using electronic appliances extensively in households. Appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, cloth dryers etc add major consumption.

United States consumed 288 billion kilowatt hours energy in 1950 which was increased to 1140 billion kilowatt hours in 2001. On an average, a house uses the following equipments withelectricity consumption mentioned in front of them:

  • Kitchen Appliances – 27%
  • Air Conditioning – 16%
  • Space Heating – 10%
  • Water Heating – 9%
  • Lightning – 9%
  • Home Electronics – 7%
  • Laundry Appliances – 7%
  • HVAC Appliances – 5%
  • Other Appliances – 8%

Lets have a look at an infograph published by explaining electricity usage, how the consumption has been increased and what appliances has added to exhaustive consumption?

The Energy Hungry House, a leading 240 volt appliances supplier, support Electricity saving efforts. Electricity is a non renewable source of energy and it should be used judicially.


Repairing Surface Electric Oven Range: Video

Everybody has a long list of electronic appliances fitten in their home. Like refrigerator, LCDs, air conditioners, wahsing machines, electric ovens, hair dryers etc. These appliances need to be repaired on regular basis. It is not possible to call a mechanic or technician every now and then to get them repaired.

Of course, to fix major issues you will have to call a mechanic but there are certain tasks you can do on your own. For example, if Surface Electric Oven Range stops working, then you can repair it at home. DIY Tinker have posted a video on their YouTube channel on how to repair electric oven range. Let’s watch it:

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The Vampire Energy and Its effect

Did you know that some appliances use energy even when they are turned off? These appliances are either in passive stand by mode or in active stand by mode but are programmed to do something. VCR, microwave oven etc consume electricity in such manner only. Lets have a look at the IG by and analyze what it says:

Vampire Energy

Vampire energy is estimated to cost $3 billion a year in the United States. We, at promote methods to save energy. It is a non renewable source of energy hence, should be used wisely. All of our products whether 220 voltage appliances, vacuum cleaners, sandwich makers, voltage converters, 110 to 240 volt transformers etc comes with manual showcasing the optimal energy usage.

Save Energy in an Hour: An Infographic

Energy is a non renewable resource and it should be used wisely. Many people out there are living without power. Did you know that if all of the computers in USA turned off for an hour, nearly 243,000 homes can be provided with electricity? has published an Infographic depicting top 5 energy consuming appliances with energy consumed in America and what energy could be used in power. Lets have a look:


As we can see from the image that refrigerator, TV, computer and clothes dryer are the most used appliances. Literally, thousands of homes can be lighted with electricity if these appliances can be turned off for an hour.

220 always support energy saving causes. Being a top 110 and 220 voltage appliances provider, we request our customers to use energy wisely so that it can be used by the needy as well.