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Sony KV-BZ21M50 21" FD Trinitron WEGA Model, AV Stereo, DVD Component Input, Dual bottom speakers, Multi System, Graphic On-Screen Display Multi-System Multi-Voltage 110/220V 50/60Hz (KVBZ21M50 KV BZ21M50 KV-BZ21M50)


General Information

  • The Sparkling WEGA Technology
    Sony’s latest Sparkling WEGA technology is set to redefine conventional viewing experience, as we know it! Watch your favourite television programmes in true-to life realism as the new technology sparkles up your screen.  Sparkling WEGA produces brighter, more vivid and higher contrast pictures than before through the unique FD Trinitron technology with advance picture circuitry that will enhance your viewing experience further.  Relish in the next wave of Sparkling WEGA entertainment and you will be instantly mesmerized.

  • Brighter and Higher Contrast with Intelligent Picture PLUS
    The advancement of Intelligent Picture PLUS in the new CRT WEGA series enables you to view images of better resolution and amazing realism with higher picture contrast ratio.  This improvement is made to Auto Contrast Optimisation of Intelligent Picture enabling middle range luminance of image to be increased by an impressive 30%.  All this translates to brighter images on screen for your viewing pleasure.
  • Intelligent Picture Signal Indicator
    Intelligent Picture Signal Indicator enables viewer to see improved picture quality after visualizing the signal strength indication, providing an impressive testimony of the Intelligent Picture PLUS effect.  Convenient signal sensor that provides quick and precise indentification of signal level.
  • Intelligent Picture Plus
    Automatic Contrast Optimisation
    Contrast performance is further enhanced in Sparkling WEGA that will features a more convincing picture quality.
    Automatic Noise Detection
    This function improves picture quality by controlling sensitivity, colour level, sharpness and brightness.

  • Intelligent Signal Booster
    The Intelligent Signal Booster automatically strengthens weak TV signals.  When the incoming RF signal shows an unclear, snowy picture, this function detects the signal level then amplifies it to improve overall picture quality.  With Intelligent Signal Booster, images are finer, clearer and have excellent contrast.
  • Stylish Design
    Aesthetic appeal is not compromised with cosmetic design elements added to the BZ series.  Soft contours enhance the overall look for a modern feel.
  • Top Control
    Enjoy the flexibility of  Top Control function on you BZ212 as you navigate programme function and other complementary features, all on you Sony WEGA set.
  • Sound Mix Terminal
    You can now heighten your listening pleasure with mixed left and right sounds through the Sound Mix Terminal.  Simply connect the audio left and right jacks from you AV equipment to both mono jacks on BZ212.  It is that easy!

Features & Benefits

  • Flat Screen CRT
  • Cable Ready tuners for all systems including NTSC M, PAL/ SECAM B/G, D/K, I,K1
  • Video Systems NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, Secam, MeSecam
  • Intelligent Picture Plus   
  • Intelligent Picture Signal Indicator   
  • Intelligent Signal Booster   
  • AV Stereo   
  • Color Temperature   
  • WEGA GATE Navigator      
  • Top Control Panel   
  • Initial Setup Menu   
  • Program Sorting   
  • Program Edit   
  • On Screen Display Language English and Chinese  
  • Auto TV System Detection




  • Video Circuitry Intelligent Picture Plus
  • Intelligent signal Booster
  • Color temperature Picture Mode Vivid Standard
  • Custom


  • Stereo System AV
  • Speaker System 1 way 2-speaker 
  • Speaker Box 
  • Audio Power 3W + 3W 
  • Sound Feature None
  • Sound Mode None


  • Rear Front V. Inputs
  • AV In 1 1 2
  • S Video 0 0 0
  • DVD Component In 0 0 0

Dimension (W x H x D) 497mm x 468mm x 494mm

  • Mass 23 kg
  • Carton Dimension 586 x 585 x 574
  • Weight 27kg
  • Color PAL, SECAM, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43
  • Power Consumpt. (Standby) 108W (1W)
  • Power Req. 50/60Hz, 110 - 240V


Note 1: WSS1905 Antenna Connector is required to connect US style antenna/cable to VCR - sold on our site for $4.00


Note 2: WMF7 plug adapter required to plug this VCR into a US style power socket - sold on our site for $0.85

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