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This phone system is equipped with an all-digital answering system for quick, easy retrieval of crystal clear messages. Message operation has never been simpler, with up to 12 minutes of recording time, plus features like a pre-recorded outgoing message, toll saver, all/new message playback, and skip-and-repeat. And don\\\\\\\'t worry about losing your messages when the power goes out - they\\\\\\\'re stored in flash memory so they\\\\\\\'re unaffected by power failure or interruptions.Now you can enjoy convenient, high-quality, hands-free conversations from any room in the house - not just from the phone base - with a digital duplex speakerphone on the back of the handset. So put the phone down and let Grandma and Grandpa talk to their new grandchild, or paint your nails while you chat with your best friend.By simulating a band signal above and below the normal bandwidth limitations, Voice Enhancer Technology helps clarify and improve sound reception creating a natural-sounding voice that is easy to hear and understand.Don\\\\\\\'t miss important calls when the ringer is off. The Light-Up Indicator at the base of the antenna will flash quickly to show that you have an incoming call, and it will flash slowly to let you know you have a new message. So turn off the ringer, let the kids sleep, and never miss a call.See who\\\\\\\'s calling, even if you\\\\\\\'re already on the phone with Call Waiting Caller ID. So now when you get a beep, you can see who\\\\\\\'s calling before you answer.

4 Handsets Included (1 Base and 3 Chargers)
12-Minute All-Digital Answering System
Pure 2.4 GHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Digital Technology
Intercom between Handsets
Spanish LCD and Voice Prompt

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