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Worldwide NTSC/PAL/SECAM Color System
Worldwide NTSC, PAL BG, PAL I, Secam BG, DK/ PAL DK TV tuners


HD Models with Superb Image Quality and Advanced Networking Capabilities (HDMIx2).

  • High Contrast.
  • 24p Playback.
  • Rich Color.
  • VIERA Link.
  • Horizontal Arch Design.

High Contrast 1,000,000 : 1 (Native 15,000 : 1).

The new Real Black Drive system (a pre-discharge suppression system) and the improved panel production processes combine to reproduce outstanding blacks with the outstanding contrast. They accurately reproduce even scenes with a delicate balance of light and shadow.

24p Playback.

The images that are recorded onto movie film at 24 frames per second (fps) are reproduced at two times that speed by 24p Playback. This achieves film-like reproduction than with the 2:3 processing method.

4,096 Equivalent Steps of Gradation.

4,096 equivalent steps of gradation smoothly expresses each image. Outstanding gradation performance accurately depicts even the tiniest shades of colour in a sunset.

Smart Networking with VIERA Link.

VIERA Link allows interlinked operation of various AV devices using only the VIERA remote control, by simply connecting the devices to each other by an HDMI cable.

Horizontal Arch Design.     

An ornamental motif that arcs gracefully, like the horizon. Thin, light and wide, based on these three key words, this design combines functional beauty with formative art to harmonize with virtually any interior space.



TV Tuner

Tuner Integrated                                  yes

Tuning System                                      PLL synthesizer 100-position auto-search tuner

CATV Compatibility                                 Hyper-band

Broadcast Stereo Reception

NICAM -B                                             yes

NICAM -G                                             yes

NICAM - I                                             yes

NICAM -German (A2)                              yes

Teletext Reception                                 500P Level 2.5, FASTEXT/LIST/TOP

Receiving System

World 17-System                                   yes


Screen Size                                          42" (106 cm) diagonal

Screen Aspect                                      16 : 9 Wide

Panel                                                   G11 Progressive HD Plasma Display Panel

Progressive Scan                                   yes

Number of Pixels                                    786,432 (1,024 x 768) pixels

Colour System                                       NTSC/PAL/PAL 60Hz/SECAM/M-NTSC

Applicable PC signals                     SVGA (XGA compressed)

Applicable Scanning Format

525 (480)/60i                                        yes

525 (480)/60p                                       yes

625 (576)/50i                                        yes

625 (576)/50p                                       yes

750 (720)/50p                                       yes

750 (720)/60p                                       yes

1125 (1080)/50i                                    yes

1125 (1080)/60i                                    yes

1125 (1080)/24p (HDMI only)                   yes

1125 (1080)/50p (HDMI only)                   yes

1125 (1080)/60p (HDMI only)                   yes

Contrast Ratio (in dark surroundings)         Native: 15,000:1; Dynamic: 1,000,000:1

Shades of Gradation                               4,096 equivalent steps of gradation

24p Playback                                        yes

3D Color Management                             yes

Sub Pixel Control                                   yes

Motion Pattern Noise Reduction                yes

Video Noise Reduction                            yes

3D Comb Filter                                      yes

Picture Mode                                        Dynamic/Standard/Cinema


Speakers                                              Full-Range (160 x 42 mm) x 2 (L,R)

Audio Output                                        20 W (10 W x 2), 10% THD

Sound Mode                                         Music/News/Cinema

Surround                                              yes


HDMI Input                                           2 (rear)

Composite Video Input                            AV1/2/3/4: RCA phono type (3 rear, 1 front)

S-Video Input                                       AV3/4: Mini DIN 4-pin (1 rear, 1 front)

Audio Input (for Video)                           AV1/2/3/4: RCA phono type connectors [L, R] (3 sets rear, 1 front)

PC Input                                              Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (rear) (Audio input for PC: co-use with AV2 audio input)

Component Video Input                           AV2/3: RCA phono type [Y , PB/CB, PR/CR] (2 sets rear)

Monitor Out                                          RCA phono type (1 rear)

Audio Output                                        RCA phono type connectors (L, R) (1 set rear: co-use with monitor out), Headphone jack (1 front)


VIERA Link                                            yes

Screen Saver                                        Wobbling/Side Panel Adjustment

Multi Window

PAT                                                    yes

Aspect Controls

16:9                                                    yes

14:9                                                    yes

Just                                                    yes

4:3                                                     yes

Zoom1                                                 yes

Zoom2                                                 yes

Zoom3                                                 yes

On-Screen Display Languages                  English/Chinese/Arabic/Persian/French

Off Timer                                             yes

General Data

Power Supply                                        AC 110 - 240 V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption (W)

Normal Use                                           335.0

Standby without DVB Tuner Lock On         0.7

Dimensions W/O stand (mm)

Width                                                  1020.0

Height                                                 679.0

Depth                                                  92.5

Dimensions with stand (mm)

Width                                                  1020.0

Height                                                 727.0

Depth                                                  327.0

Weight W/O stand (kg)                           25.5

Weight with stand (kg)                           27.5

Operating Temperature                           0°C - 40°C



Note 1: WSS1905 Antenna Connector required connecting US style antenna/cable to VCR - sold on our site for $4.00


Note 2: WMF7 plug adapter required to plug this VCR into a US style power socket - sold on our site for $0.85
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