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  • Model: Pioneer PDP-505CMX

  • PAL/NTSC/SECAM/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL 60/PAL-N compatibility

  • 50" Plasma Display

  • Completely Flat Screen

  • Display Pixel Pitch 0.880mm

  • Display Resolution 1280 x 768

  • Enables the ability to display High Definition video through RGB/component, S-Video and Composite input Terminals

  • Compatibility with a Wide Range of PC Signals: With a native resolution of 1024 x 768, this high precision panel can accurately display personal computer signals raging from 640 x 400 and 640 x 480 (VGA) to 1024 x 768 (XGA). It can also support compression (UXGA) signals. In addition, Pioneer\\\'s proprietary scaling technology enables a circle to be displayed as a circle onto 1024 x 768 at 16:9 with 1280 x 768 signal input.

  • Three Dual Picture Mode:: The PDP-505CMX offers a choice of three Dual Picture modes for simultaneous display of images from two connected sources. Split screen shows two images side by side, Picture-in-Picture superimposes a small picture over the full-screen picture in any of the four corners, and Picture-Out-Picture displays the second image on the right side of the screen.

  • Enhanced Point Zoom: The Enhanced Point Zoom function lets you instantly expand any portion of a PC image in three steps (1,5x, 2x, 3x), great for emphasizing key points in the presentations. The Zoom Area sub-display area makes it easy to confirm the expanded portion.

  • 2 x 2 Image Expansion: This model allows a 2 x 2 data wall using four units without the need for an expansion device. Two display modes are available, one that enlarge all picture elements so the entire picture is visible, and one that enlarges the whole image so lines between units are not visible.

  • Color Detail Adjustment
    Color adjustment can be performed for any specific color without affecting the other colors. For example, you can change the purplish red of a sports car to crimson without changing other colors in the image.

  • Large GUI Display: Having a GUI display is a definite advantage, making operation considerably easier, but if it is too small to see when the unit is mounted, it usefulness is limited. The PDP-505CMX provides an extra-large display, which is visible even when the unit is mounted in a high location.

  • Intelligent Auto Setup: The Intelligent Auto Setup feature improves both performance and convenience, allowing image adjustment via the remote control. This display incorporates a new function, Auto Adjust, which detects the PC signal and automatically adjusts the position of the image, making it unnecessary to have to push the auto setup button.

  • RS-232C Get Command: The PDP-505CMX can transmit various information to a PC via the RS-232C link using the Get command, including power on/off, input number, signal detection and complete error data.

  • Function Lock
    A number of functions can be locked, making the display system more secure. Lock modes are on/off, main unit buttons, remote control, main unit buttons plus remote control, and memory lock, which selects input and volume default settings when the unit is turned on.

  • Deep encased cell structures with True Matrix Imaging provides superior image quality.

  • Smart Cooling System

  • WHQL Compatibility: Pioneer\\\'s plasma displays are the industry\\\'s  first to receive the Windows  Hardware Qualification Labs (WHQL) certification of compliance. The PDP-505CMX continues this tradition by providing plug and play drivers to support Microsoft Windows and Other operating systems.

  • Super Thin Construction 

  • Progressive Scan

  • Anti- Reflection Coated Screen

  • 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i, Digital Signal Compatibility

  • HDTV monitor: Can support both HDTV and EDTV/SDTV

  • 16:9 Wide Screen Cinema Aspect Ratio

  • PC and Mac Compatible

  • Progressive Component Video Input

  • Multi-Scanning PC Monitor Support up to 1366 x 768

  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

Input and Output Terminals:

  • Input 1 :- IN- Mini D-Sub 15 Pin connector-Analog RGB Signal
                   OUT-  Mini D-Sub 15 Pin connector-Analog RGB Signal

  • Input 2:- IN-DVI-D 24 Pin- Digital RGB Signal and Compatible with Microsoft plug and play.

  • Input 3:- IN-DVI-D 4 Pin- Y/C Separate Signal

  • Input 4:- IN-BNC-Composite Vide Signal
                  OUT-BNC- Composite Vide Signal

  • Input 5:- IN BNCx5 Analog RGB Signal and Composite Video Signal

  • Pedestal Table-Top Stand (Optional)
    Wall-Mount Bracket (Optional)

    Speakers & TV tuner  not inlcuded

Audio Input and Output Terminals:

  • Audio Input 1: IN- Stereo Mini

  • Audio Input 2: IN- Stereo Mini

  • Audio Input 3: IN- RCA Pin 2

  • Audio Input 4: IN- RCA Pin 2

  • Audio Input 5: IN- RCA Pin 2

  • Audio Output: OUT- Stereo Mini

  • Speaker Out

Control Terminals:

  • RS-232C (For Control of Computer): D-sub 9 Pin

  • Combination IN/OUT:- MINI DIN 6 Pin x2
Put it Anywhere
The 3.9" deep PDP-505CMX  gives you the luxury of choosing between hanging your TV on the wall or placing it on a stand.

Bright and Vivid Picture
The Panasonic PDP-505CMX  offers unrivaled picture quality for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to plasma technology you can view images with amazing clarity, brightness, and contrast. The PDP-505CMX  can display up to 1,070 million colors and is one of the brightest displays with a contrast ratio of 4000:1. All this leads to a much more vivid television experience.


16:9 Wide Screen
You no longer have to deal with cropped off images while watching some of your favorite movies. With its wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio you can now watch movies in their original format. In fact, the 16:9 aspect ratio is one of the most important aspects of the PDP-505CMX  since all future HDTV signals will be broadcast in this format.

Wide Viewing Angle
The PDP-505CMX  offers a completely flat viewing surface with a 160 degree viewing angle. The expansive viewing angle means that you can watch your favorite programs from nearly anywhere in your living room without distortions common to rear-projection TV\\\'s or TFT monitors.
Cure for Sore Eyes
Traditionally, video signals are transmitted using an interlacing format where two separate frames are transposed to create one single frame. This results in flicker that can lead to eye fatigue and soreness. This flicker problem is eliminated with the progressive scanning process where video images are transmitted in one single complete frame. The PDP-505CMX  is compatible with all progressive scanning signals from high quality DVD players and HDTV decoders, and other high-end video equipment to produce brilliant flicker-free images.
PC Ready
The PDP-505CMX  is PC ready. You now have the ability to use your plasma TV with any SXGA, XGA, SVGA, or VGA computer video signals*. With Panasonic\\\'s PDP-505CMX  you not only have a TV, but a 42" computer monitor as well.

Digital Television for Today and Tomorrow
The Panasonic PDP-505CMX  allows you to enjoy your favorite TV programming today while being prepared for the future. The PDP-505CMX  is an HDTV monitor and can support both HDTV (1080i and 720p) and EDTV/SDTV (480p and 480i) input signals**. This allows you to enjoy the shows of today, with much better picture quality, and be prepared for the future of HDTV offerings.

NOTE : Pedestal Stand & Speaker System ARE NOT INCLUDED

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