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Type Writers

Select electronic type writers that have a specially designed keyboard for greater accuracy and speedy typing.

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BROTHER GX-8250 220~240 VOLTS, 50/60HZ,

  • 220~240 volts, 50/60Hz, Electronic Type Writer with Professional touch keyboard
  •  Designed to increase accuracy and typing speed,
  • View mode allows you to see what youve typed by automatically moving the paper roll up.
220Voltage Price: $548.99
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COMMODORE 30100 (110/220V, 50/60HZ),

  • (110/220V, 50/60Hz), Switchable, dual voltage
  • portable electronic typewriter. Impression control. Built - In travel handle.
  •  Keyboard cover. Built - In paper support.
220Voltage Price: $394.99
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  • Easy to use, yet packed with automatic features, the Electronic typewriter 2600 will bring you the power of Correction Memory,
  • Format Memory, Decimal Tabulation, and so much more. If you want a reliable electronic
  •  typewriter thats designed for comfort and priced for value, count on this model.
220Voltage Price: $954.99
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  • 220volt, 50Hz, Enhanced Memory & Functions Electronic Display Typewriter with 20-character Liquid Crystal Display
  • 128,000-character memory divided into four memory banks of 32,000 characters each.
220Voltage Price: $1033.99
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220-240 volt, 50Hz, Electronic Display Typewriter with 40-character Liquid Crystal Display, 112K Storage Memory, 15" paper capacity/11.5 writing line, Print speed, 20CPS, 700-character Correction Memory ( within 10 lines).
220Voltage Price: $0.00
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SWINTEC 7000-EX220 220-240VOLT, 50HZ,

  • 220-240volt, 50Hz, Electronic Type Writer with 17" paper capacity/13.5" writing line
  • Print speed, 22 CPS, bi-directional
  • 250-character Correction Memory.
220Voltage Price: $968.99
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